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Spa Gift Set

Spa Gift Set

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The "Calm Your Tits" spa gift set is the perfect gift for new moms. It's ideal for the friend that constantly gives and rarely takes! It's also perfect for some epic self care during the hectic holiday months!

Contents: - 5 oz Simmah Down Bitch lavender bath salt - 4 oz Zen as Fuck body butter (green tea scent) - 6 oz Chill the Fuck Out bath bomb (lavender sage scent) - 1.5 oz Lavender Haze lotion bar (lavender, eucalyptus, and lemon verbena scent) - .2 oz Zen Motherpucker lip balm (green tea & honey flavor) Scent: the products in this spa gift set have a fresh, green scent with a burst of heady lavender.


How to use: Bath bomb - unwrap and drop into hot bath water. Body butter & lotion bar - gently massage into dry skin. Bath salt - sprinkle 1/2 bottle into hot bath water - Handmade natural products - Women owned business - Cruelty free skincare - Uses pure essential oils - Paraben free - Sulfate free

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